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Education is important to us.

Dr Haugstad and Dr Chiappetta are family dentists in Kenosha who value education

Dental Education is very important to us at Library Park Dental. Our dentists are continually expanding their education by taking courses that will help them stay on top of new technology and practices that will help improve the patient’s experience.

Dr. Chiappetta is sought after to teach other dentists how to use the CEREC process – crowns in one visit. He has taught dentists from across the nation how to utilize this technology and how to create an end result that fits extremely well, is durable, and minimizes the amount of time the patient must have in the dental chair.

Our dental hygienists and assistants also attend courses and seminars that introduce them to new technology, instruments, and the latest in scientific research so that they can help each patient better understand their situation.

We also have participated in the local dental education programs where our hygienists teach 1st graders how to have healthy teeth and a healthy smile for life.

We want our patients to be well informed and understand what the procedures are that are being recommended. Please ask your treatment team to explain what they are doing and why.  We want you to be an educated consumer and are happy to answer questions.