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Library Park Dental News

What are wisdom teeth?

15 Jun, 2017

Wisdom teeth are really just your third molars, but they are called wisdom teeth because they usually erupt (break thru the gumline) around age 17-22. Sometimes it seems that having wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage towards the end of high school just as much as Prom!

5 Oral Habits you need to change

03 Jun, 2017

1. Piercings

Periodontal disease? What's that?

15 May, 2017

Periodontal disease is very common. It can be something that is "simply" gum inflammation or it can develop into something quite serious that leads to bone and tooth loss. In between those two extremes are other symptoms.

Clear Removable Aligners instead of braces? Yes please!

03 May, 2017

At Library Park Dental we can help to straighten your teeth with removable and transparent aligners that allow you to discreetly improve your smile. Smiles are not just cosmetic; there are real health benefits to having properly aligned teeth.

Mouth guards and oral appliances

14 Apr, 2017

Dr. Chiappetta or Dr. Haugstad may suggest a mouthguard or oral appliance as part of your dental treatment. People who grind their teeth at night or who clench their teeth/jaw sometimes develop abfractions.