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Let an Implant change your mouth!

Library Park Dental implants look like teeth and improve oral health

Implants have created an amazing change in dentistry and oral health. In years past, people who had teeth extracted or lost them due to decay or injury had to leave the space empty. The result is that nearby teeth moved out of position. One option to create the appearance of a tooth was a bridge, which meant that part of nearby teeth had to be removed to create an anchor. Another option depending on the amount of tooth loss was a partial or even full dentures in order to be able to chew or maintain their appearance. But the surgical placement of implants allows for replacement of a single “tooth” without having to wear a partial or without having to remove part of nearby healthy teeth to allow for the anchor for a bridge.

What is an Implant?

Implants are titanium tooth roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Bone grows around the titanium and it fuses to the jaw. After it heals, a natural looking restoration is placed on the implant. The appearance is just like a natural tooth, and you can chew, smile, and floss just as if you had a tooth.

Some people need implants in order to support not just one tooth, but also partial or full dentures. An “all on four” placement allows for 4 implants to anchor an entire upper or lower denture. This anchors the denture in such a way that there is less movement and more security. Dr. Chiappetta can utilize our 3D Cone Beam to analyze your jaw and bone density to determine if you are a candidate for an all on four denture. If you have experienced problems with your current denture, it is possible that an all on four denture would improve your situation.

Dr. Chiappetta named as Fellow

Library Park Dental's own Dr. Chiappetta has been named a Fellow in the prestigious International Dental Implant Association. This honor is given only after numerous continuing education courses and placement of well over over 500 implants.

Dr. Chiappetta sought after this specialized training and achievement because he has seen the importance of implants, whether they are replacing single teeth or multiple teeth. Good oral health leads to good overall health, because of better chewing (better food) and less bacteria in the mouth.

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There are a variety of ways for the dentists at Library Park Dental to help your smile through dental implants. Feel confident that your smile is in the best hands. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation and find out more about how an implant can improve your life!