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Library Park Dental News

Children's Dental Exams

02 Aug, 2017

​Children should be brought to the dentist around their first birthday. The dentist can take a quick look at baby’s brand new teeth and give parents advice on how to best care for the child's teeth. After that, children should come to the dentist every six months.

An Implant can change your life

16 Jul, 2017

Implants have radically changed dentistry and oral health. In years past, people who had teeth extracted or lost them due to decay or injury often just left the space empty which often caused nearby teeth to move out of position.

Crowns in just one visit?

03 Jul, 2017

Unlike most practices where a crown requires multiple visits, at Library Park Dental, Dr. Chiappetta and Dr. Haugstad can fabricate a customized porcelain crown for you in just one visit! Our dentists have received extensive training in CEREC technology. In fact, Dr.

What are wisdom teeth?

15 Jun, 2017

Wisdom teeth are really just your third molars, but they are called wisdom teeth because they usually erupt (break thru the gumline) around age 17-22. Sometimes it seems that having wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage towards the end of high school just as much as Prom!

5 Oral Habits you need to change

03 Jun, 2017

1. Piercings